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What Are The Benefits Of Membership?

Being a member of Zeta has helped me to develop some of the more naturally recessive aspects of my personality, such as social interactions and public speaking. While I am still not the first (or second) person to volunteer to speak publicly, I regularly find myself sparking up conversations with new people (in my early years up to college this would have been unheard of).

Tiffany Lewis

Being a member of Zeta has given me a network of sisters with many talents that I can call on when I need help in Zeta or otherwise.

Siobhan Goree

Being a member of Zeta has introduced me to a network of women who are about business and striving to make a difference within the community.

Christa Nemons

Being a member of Zeta has enriched not only my college experience, but also my development into the woman that I have become today.

LaRhonda Goudeau

Being a member of Zeta has been an amazing opportunity to network with a group of women that have such amazing talents and abilities to bring to the table.

Carol Jackson